Smart Factory

Created a web application to control all the machinery , hardware and security components of a factory.

Technology Used : PHP , Python and Raspberry Pi 2.

Completed : 2016

Drupal Modules

Created the following Drupal modules with the help of Opensense Labs.

Userqueue : Similar to Nodequeue module , arranges users in a queue.

MSG91 SMS: Send sms using your Drupal website.

Indeed Search: Displays jobs posted on on a Drupal website.

D8 Upgradation Estimate: Gives an automated upgradation estimate of migration of D7 website to D8.

Technology Used : Drupal and PHP

Completed : 2016.


webRTC Video Chat

webRTC provides javascript API’s through which a browser can access webcam and microphone of the user , thus a video chat application can be made very easily. Created an application which used webRTC libraries and Node JS signalling server for video chat and audio calls from browser.

Technology Used : Javascript , Node.JS

Completed : 2016


Polldict is a website through which users can place bets on Cricket matches using 1000 points provided on Sign Up. Users earn points at the end of match according to there prediction and massive opinion.

Technology Used : PHP , Bootstrap.

Completed : 2016

URL : Polldict

Created a website through which user get important information related to Movies such as Collection , Actors etc and post there reviews. Users can also purchase products related to there favourite movie.

Technology Used : PHP , Bootstrap

Completed : 2016.

Smart Traffic Lights

Created a traffic light system whose timing depends on the rush in a specific lane. It automatically senses Traffic in a specific lane and changes duration of green and red light accordingly.


Technology Used : C Programming and Arduino Chip.

Completed : 2015.



ISL Database

Indian Super League Database Management. Created a database which can be used to recored all the important information related to ISL. Stores them in a very efficient way and can be easily connected with any Front-End application.


Technology Used : SQL , MySQL and Oracle11g

Completed : 2014

Planet Cars

It provides a platform to user to list there 2nd Hand Cars , browse 2nd hand cars and it also calculates value of 2nd hand car added by a user using an algorithm which analyses cars value , distance travel , year purchased etc.

Planet cars

Technology Used : C Programming , Files for storage.

Completed : 2013.